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Carbon Additive

Carbon Additive


0.2--2mm,1-5mm ,3--8mm,or according to customer's requirement.


in 25kg small bag ,1mt big bag ,or according to the buyer need .

Introduction And Usage

The common types of carburizers in China include Graphitization Carburizing Agent,Calcined Petroleum Coke and Calcined Anthracite Coal,

The raw materials of domestic carburizing agent are heavy oil residue in the process of petroleum refining for coking, namely petroleum coke and asphalt coke. Raw petroleum coke is calcined into calcined petroleum coke. Graphite carburizing agent is obtained by graphitization of raw petroleum coke. Graphitization can reduce the content of impurities, increase the carbon content and reduce the sulfur content.

Carburizing agent is widely used in steel-making, casting, smelting and other industries. The use of carburizing agent in casting can greatly increase the amount of scrap steel, reduce the amount of pig iron or no pig iron. The carburizing agent can improve the distribution of graphite, promote the graphitization of cast iron, increase the graphite crystal nucleus and fine graphite ball of molten iron, so as to make it more evenly distributed in the matrix and improve the quality of products。

Calcined petroleum coke is mainly used in aluminum industry. In the process of steel-making, Calcined Anthracite Coal can be added as carburizing agent.

Chemical Composition

Grade Fixed Carbon Sulfur Ash Volatile Matter Moisture N P
Calcined Anthracite Coal ≥90% ≤0.35% ≤8.5% ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤0.3% ≤0.03%
≥92% ≤0.30% ≤6.5% ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤0.3% ≤0.03%
≥93% ≤0.30% ≤6.0% ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤0.3% ≤0.03%
≥94% ≤0.30% ≤5.5% ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤0.3% ≤0.03%
≥95% ≤0.30% ≤4.5% ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤0.3% 0≤0.03%
Calcined Petroleum Coke  ≥98.5% ≤0.5% ≤1.0% ≤0.1% ≤0.5% ≤1.2%  
Graphitized Petroleum Coke ≥98.5% ≤0.05% ≤0.05% ≤0.05% ≤0.5%    
≥98.5% ≤0.05% ≤0.08% ≤0.07% ≤0.5%    
≥98.5% ≤0.05% ≤1% ≤1% ≤0.5%    

Production Technology

The petroleum coke is calcined to produce Calcined Petroleum Coke. Graphitized Petroleum Coke is obtained by graphitization of raw petroleum coke.

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